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» To calculate square footage, measure the length and width of your yard, then multiply the two figures

» After you have the square footage, you'll want to determine how much rock you'll need. If you are planning on using 1" decorative rock, divide the square footage by 100. (Divide by 140 if you plan to use 1/2" rock. For 'minus' grade rock, divide by 150 or 160). The result will give you the approximate tonnage of rock you'll need, spread to a depth of about two inches. Our knowledgeable staff is always on hand to assist you in a final determination, but to get an idea, here's a handy chart to estimate how much decorative rock you'll need:

Estimated Coverage Guide

Type Size Qty. Sq Ft Depth
Rock ¼" 1 Ton 140 2"
Rock ½" 1 Ton 140 2"
Rock ¾ 1 Ton 120 2"
Rock 1" 1 Ton 100 2"

» For best coverage, we recommend you spread your landscaping gravel about 2" to 3" deep. This will provide the most professional appearance to your yard. Laying the rock deeper than 3" can result in lumpy areas, and footprints will be more readily visible.

» Make sure the ground is reasonably level with no trash or vegetation appearing. After laying your gravel, wash it off lightly with water.

» Spray any existing vegetation with Roundup Weed Killer. Then treat the ground with an pre-emergent (anti-growth) solution such as Surflan to control weed growth before laying your decorative rock. Remember to spray again once or twice a year with a pre-emergent to prevent any vegetation from reappearing.

» Many homeowner associations have rules forbidding the use of black plastic beneath landscaping gravel or decorative rock. Instead we recommend a commercial grade landscape fabric which allows water to pass through and moister to escape.

» Rip rap provides excellent erosion control for sloping areas. Keep it in mind when you are planning areas that have mounds or valleys. Many people find it a stylish and up-to-date alternative to river rock or gravel for the easement area of a property (between the yard and the street).

» Be sure to prepare the ground before laying down rip rap to prevent weeds. Rip rap displays best when hand stacked from the bottom up. One ton of rip rap will usually cover an area about 60 to 70 square feet.

» Call us with any questions you might have about your decorative rock. We'll be happy to help in any way we can !

Decorative Rock

There are many sizes and colors of rock to choose from for walkways, borders, and driveways. To customize your landscape, view our materials section to find the product best suited for you.
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